Making sustainable:
The Group’s Pledge.


Making sustainable:
The Group’s Pledge.


The Group’s incessant commitment to preserving craftsmanship is rooted in the principles of resource conservation and waste reduction. In its vision, sustainability serves as the ideological cornerstone, the unifying thread weaving through and uniting diverse elements under shared values.

Altofare’s regenerative processes adhere to a comprehensive, systemic, and scientifically grounded approach, utilizing cutting-edge tools for assessing impact across all aspects of its corporate sphere. Among these is the Benefit Impact Assessment, a tool employed by over 240,000 businesses in various sectors worldwide.

Social Responsibility

As the epitome of its name’s essence, Altofare conducts all its processes with careful consideration of the impact on collaborators, stakeholders (including clients, suppliers, and third parties) and the broader context in which it operates.

Community Engagement

The Group engagement with local communities is not only a fundamental aspect of its heritage but also a central component of its future growth strategy. Giving back to the community is not merely an institutional obligation but, above all, a moral and ethical imperative.

Value Chain

The ‘O’ in Altofare not only symbolizes the connection between ‘fare,’ the essence of craftsmanship at its core, and ‘alto,’ representing the pinnacle of efficiency in all its endeavours. It also forms a circle that encapsulates its ecosystem: suppliers, clients, partners, and collaborators all integral to its ability to deliver increasingly high-quality products. It represents its value chain, guided by principles of circularity that inspire processes and underscore the sustainability that tangibly binds Altofare to the positive impact the Group can create for society and the environment.

Human factor

Making the difference
with skilled hands.