Making, the benchmark.


Making, the benchmark.

The Group

At the heart of Italy’s rich fashion heritage, Altofare stands as a distinguished Group crafting exquisite accessories and finishes for elite luxury brands. Backed by White Bridge Investments, a private holding company, the project prides itself on the unparalleled craftsmanship of its artisans-both men and women- who breathe life into every unique and iconic piece.

Through cutting-edge technology, Altofare elevates the essence of traditional artistry. This synergy allows it to swiftly and proficiently address the bespoke needs of its discerning clientele.


Altofare’s legacy is a rich tapestry of talents showcased by the individual firms within the Group, many of which draw their strength from time-honoured tradition.

Davide Aicardi
Group Chief Executive Officer
Lorenzo Abbate
Managing Director Raw Metal
Mirko Bertoli
Managing Director Resins and Plastics
Roberta Balli
Group Chief People Officer
Francesco Conti
Managing Director Finished Metal
Stefano Neri
Group Chief IT & Trasformation Officer
Chiara Pezzantini
Managing Director Chains
Luca Bertoli
Managing Director Resins and Plastics
Luca Boncompagni
Managing Director Bijoux
Alberto Burattin
Managing Director Shoes Accessories
Piero Vitalini
Managing Director Embroidery
Gianluca Piovanelli
Group Chief Financial Officer
Lara Monti
Managing Director Accessori Calzature
Alessandro Testi
Managing Director Bijoux
Paolo Pescini
Group Chief Operating Officer


The Group’s vision is built upon three fundamental pillars, aimed at achieving excellence and punctuality.

Human Factor: Altofare places great emphasis on connecting people through collaboration and teamwork, nurturing a unifying culture rooted in shared values.

Technological Advancement: the Group is committed to leveraging cutting-edge technologies to enhance human productivity. This is achieved through real-time data collection, advanced procedures, efficient flow tracking, and the centralization of processes to ensure efficiency and

Strategic Innovation: each of its business units, led by accomplished entrepreneurs, embodies a unique set of skills and experiences. These are systematized to harness their distinctiveness and contribute to a collective vision.


Its mission is encapsulated in its name, ‘Altofare’, where ‘alto’ in Italian translates to ‘high’ and ‘fare’ means ‘to make’. The Group aspires to be the industry’s benchmark, working in close partnership, fostering creativity, maintaining the highest product quality, and delivering an exceptional service experience to all its customers.