Making a polymer
a jewel of style.


Making a polymer
a jewel of style.

What we do Resins and Plastics

Resins and Plastics possess the potential to transcend their inherent nature and become genuine treasures. Altofare’s creations redefine the very essence of exclusivity.

From the polishing of surfaces to the enchanting play of vibrant colours and the velvety allure of specially crafted polymers, its work embodies elegance in every detail. The ability to imbue accessories with multicoloured transparency allows the Group to transcend the boundaries of originality.


As a pioneer in the world of resins and plastics, Lampa is renowned for fashion accessories and jewelry designed for leading luxury brands.

Tacchificio Monti

Tacchificio Monti stands as a paragon of excellence in crafting heels and accessories for high fashion. With a fully integrated process, the company oversees every facet, from the initial design concept to the impeccable finished product.

How we do it

Making excellence
with pragmatism.