Making a bijou
a precious detail.


Making a bijou
a precious detail.

What we do Bijoux

In well-established enterprises dedicated to crafting premium bijoux items, Altofare blends its expertise with the creative ingenuity of designers, bringing forth one-of-a-kind treasures.

A rich spectrum of materials is harnessed to sculpt an endless variety of forms, ranging from noble metals to refined plastics. Irrespective of its composition, fashion jewelry is shaped using technology tailored for each raw material, ensuring persistent attention to detail and the pursuit of perfection.


With decades of experience in the creation of high-end fashion jewelry and an unwavering commitment to quality control, OBI stands as a prominent Italian player in the industry.


As a pioneer in the world of resins and plastics, Lampa is renowned for fashion accessories and jewelry designed for leading luxury brands.


The jewelry house for footwear and accessories.

Industrie Testi

Industrie Testi is a globally established company that develops, prototypes, and produces high-quality costume jewellery and metal accessories for leather goods

How we do it

Making excellence
with pragmatism.